01 Apr 2017


 The only Baphomet Exhibition on display display in the U.K.

Now here on display Lady Emilia

Northern Soul collection, a must see at Littledean Jail

Witchcraft, Paganism, Wicca, The Occult,
The Illuminati and Secret Societies.

The Quadrophenia Collection

Freaks of nature exhibition

Below and on display at Littledean Jail are oil paintings By
Artist Paul Bridgmman.

Kray Twins

British Gangland

Linda Calvey

Harry Roberts

Charles Bronson AKA - Charles Salvador

Fred and Rose West

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Ted Bundy

Richard Ramirez

Aileen Wuornos

Jeffrey Dahmer

Charles Manson

Ed Gein

David Berkowitz

Peter Sutcliffe

John Wayne Gacy

Dennis Andrew Nilsen

Police killer Dale Cregan

Hangman, Albert Pierrepoint

Ruth Ellis

John Christie and Timothy Evans

The Secret Societies

Witchfinder General Film -1968 

Witchfinder General Film 

Witchfinder General Film 

Goodbye - Death

Aleister Crowley

Gerald Gardner

Alex Sanders

maxine sanders
Maxine Sanders



Anton LaVey

Nun - Witchcraft and the Occult

The Jailer

Ellen Hayward - Cunning Witch

Lady Amelia

Stewart Farrar








The Jailer 2

The Occult

Witchcraft and the Occult

baphomet crime through time museum

Anton LaVey
Anton LaVey

Peter Gilmore
Peter H Gilmore

Heinrich Himmler

Adolf Hitler

Heinrich Himmler and the Occult

Oswald Mosley

Angel Of Death

Beast Of Belson

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

Al Capone

Bonnie & Clyde

The Elephant Man

sas logo

sas Operation Nimrod 1980
Operation Nimrod - The Iranian Embassy Siege

special air service
SAS Hostage Rescue.

Iranian embassy siege

iranian embassy siege
Above: Pete Winner " Soldier I " During a private visit to
the SAS exhibition at
 Littledean Jail. 
 The Iranian Embassy Siege, 1980.

sas balcony
Mel Parry and John McAleese







Well this one still raises a few eyebrows in Ruardean and some of the locals there are still sensitive about an incident that occured over 100 years ago. They got the blame for killing 2 travelling bears when everyone knew that it was really an unruly mob from Cinderford. The rivalry contines to this day as the people of Ruardean have never forgiven the people of Cinderford.

The story began on Friday 26 th April 1889 when four frenchman arrived in Cinderford with their two Russian Bears. They were paraded around the town and then planned to move on to Ruardean and were followed there by a group of children and youths. They had only got a mile away when a rumour was started implying that the bears had mauled a woman and killed a child. An angry mob from Cinderford pursued them and by early evening they were surrounded by an angry mob of 200 who beat the Frenchmen and killed one of the bears. Two Frenchmen escaped in fear of their lifes. Unable to keep hold of the other frightened bear its keeper had to let it go and it ran off only to be pusued and shot by the mob. In sight of Ruardean the locals there tried in vain to stop the attack. They took in the injured men following the incident and gave them shelter.

Arrests were made and on 3rd May 1899 the accussed men were taken to Littledean Police Court. They were described in court as "colliers and labourers of Ruardean", although it was quite clear that they were not. This indignation remains to this day as they felt their village had been wrongly accused.

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Ghosts are in abundance throughout Gloucestershire, and never more so at Littledean Jail where unusual sitings have not only been witnessed at first hand by The Jones family who live in the jail but by many paranormal groups.Skeleton

On one occasion the experience became so intense that one paranormal investigation climaxed with a fear of unusal and incomprehendable events; from museum exhibits shaking, lights flickering, and ending with complete loss of power! The group were last seen heading towards Cinderford screaming their already decapitated heads off!!!

Other haunted goings on nearby have been seen at The Littledean House Hotel where a ghost called Fred resides on a landing of the hotel, and on the fringes of Littledean is one of the most haunted houses in Great Britain - Littledean Hall.

Here is a list with links of other tales of haunted happenings in the Royal Forest of Dean...

  • Littledean Hall
  • Littledean House Hotel
  • Forest Folklore

Obviously the scariest presence here is of course ‘The Jailer’ himself. Littledean Jail is reputed to be one of Britain’s most haunted properties... thankfully folklore and modern day findings claim that the ghosts are actually friendly!! Since its opening in 2005 the Jail has attracted the interest of many ghosthunters, paranormal and psychic investigators... desperately hoping to encounter something less frightening than the Jailer.

Littledean Jail is featured on the ‘Ghosts of Gloucestershire’ DVD starring ‘Richard Felix’, who appeared on televisions top rated spooky programme ‘Most Haunted’.

A bit about the Ghosts of Gloucestershire DVD

Richard Felix, Ghostfinder General, continues The National Ghost Tour of Great Britain in Gloucestershire.

He joins forces with The Gloucestershire Paranormal Research Group who have first hand evidence of the scariest places in this county. These include Woodschester Mansion, The Ancient Ram Inn, Littledean Jail and other haunted inns and hitels. Richard visits Berkeley castle to learn the chilling tale of of how King Edward II was horrendously murdered on September 21st 1327. His ghostly screams can still be heard today echoing far beyond the castle walls... so turn down your lights and give your full attention as you are taken on a ghostly tour of haunted Gloucestershire.

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