The Quadrophenia Collection

31 Mar 2017
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Now on permanent display.
The Quadrophenia Collection

Quadrophenia Poster

The Quadrophenia Collections was previously owned by British Mod and Scooter and Quadrophenia mad fanatic David Wyburn. This remarkable and nostalgic Quadrophenia collection was acquired by Littledean Jail In November 2007 and subsequently added to its own Quadrophenia collection. Opening here in April 2008 …being the 30th Anniversary of when Quadrophenia was filmed in 1978 and released in cinemas around the UK in 1979.



“This is the best collection of Quadrophenia memorabilia I have ever seen!!!”

Franc Roddam …Quadrophenia Film director… (1978-1979) at the Quad Reunion 2007, Earls Court, London, UK.

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More about the Quadrophenia film...

Prison Entrance with Quadrophenia Mopeds

Quadrophenia – The Film (1978-1979).

Quadrophenia was the greatest British youth film ever made!!

Quadrophenia was filmed in Britain in 1978 and released in 1979. Quadrophenia is still to this day highly regarded as being one of the greatest British films of all times. It still retains its own iconic magnetism and has a massive cult following worldwide.

Quadrophenia when originally released was panned by critics for its large amounts of drug- fuelled, pill-popping, sex, bad language, violence and profanity and drug use throughout the film, which at the time were fairly uncommon in Film (unlike today’s film and TV industry that revels and relies upon the need to introduce as much sex, violence, drug use and bad language).



“I myself was punk rocker at the time the film Quadrophenia was released in 1979. It was always one of my most favourite films of all time and still is, despite preferring the heavy rock music to that of the Mod scene.

It is a great privilege to now own and display such a fantastic collection and hope that it remains a shrine here in it’s own right to most, scooter and rocker fans to what is still highly acclaimed as on of Britain’s greatest ever films.”

Andy Jones, the Jailer, Littledean Jail.




Please note:

During the Winter season when closed here at Littledean Jail from end of October – Easter some of the Quadrohphenia Collection may well be available to hire for travelling exhibitions, themed events, photo-shoots, memorabilia shows etc.

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