Quadrophenia: The Film

31 Mar 2017
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Quadrophenia (1978-1979)

The greatest British youth film ever made!!

Filmed in Britain in 1978 and released in 1979 Quadrophenia is still to this day highly regarded as being one of the greatest British films of all times. It still retains its own iconic magnetism and has a massive cult following worldwide.

The film when originally released was panned by critics for its large amounts of drug-fuelled, pill-popping, sex, bad language, violence, profanity and drug use throughout the film, which at the time were fairly uncommon in Film (unlike today’s Film and TV industry that seemingly appear to revel and rely upon using as much sex, violence, drug use and bad language).

Here are some famous clips and compilations from Quadrophenia......enjoy!

Quadrophenia Trailer


Clip from the end of Quadrophenia - although the first part of the film shot!


"We are the Mods" (warning contains violent scenes and strong language)


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