01 Apr 2017


 The only Baphomet Exhibition on display display in the U.K.

Now here on display Lady Emilia

Northern Soul collection, a must see at Littledean Jail

Witchcraft, Paganism, Wicca, The Occult,
The Illuminati and Secret Societies.

The Quadrophenia Collection

Freaks of nature exhibition

Below and on display at Littledean Jail are oil paintings By
Artist Paul Bridgmman.

Kray Twins

British Gangland

Linda Calvey

Harry Roberts

Charles Bronson AKA - Charles Salvador

Fred and Rose West

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Ted Bundy

Richard Ramirez

Aileen Wuornos

Jeffrey Dahmer

Charles Manson

Ed Gein

David Berkowitz

Peter Sutcliffe

John Wayne Gacy

Dennis Andrew Nilsen

Police killer Dale Cregan

Hangman, Albert Pierrepoint

Ruth Ellis

John Christie and Timothy Evans

The Secret Societies

Witchfinder General Film -1968 

Witchfinder General Film 

Witchfinder General Film 

Goodbye - Death

Aleister Crowley

Gerald Gardner

Alex Sanders

maxine sanders
Maxine Sanders



Anton LaVey

Nun - Witchcraft and the Occult

The Jailer

Ellen Hayward - Cunning Witch

Lady Amelia

Stewart Farrar








The Jailer 2

The Occult

Witchcraft and the Occult

baphomet crime through time museum

Anton LaVey
Anton LaVey

Peter Gilmore
Peter H Gilmore

Heinrich Himmler

Adolf Hitler

Heinrich Himmler and the Occult

Oswald Mosley

Angel Of Death

Beast Of Belson

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

Al Capone

Bonnie & Clyde

The Elephant Man

sas logo

sas Operation Nimrod 1980
Operation Nimrod - The Iranian Embassy Siege

special air service
SAS Hostage Rescue.

Iranian embassy siege

iranian embassy siege
Above: Pete Winner " Soldier I " During a private visit to
the SAS exhibition at
 Littledean Jail. 
 The Iranian Embassy Siege, 1980.

sas balcony
Mel Parry and John McAleese







Wow!! Two of the most famous bikes on two wheels in the world…

Ace Face (Sting)… customised Vespa GS/Rally scooter.

A Quadrophenia Bike
  • This now fully restored scooter had been previously acquired by David Wyburn from Allstyles Scooters in Portsmouth. As is well known and documented within scooter clubs throughout Britain they had acquired and previously owned both Ace Face and Jimmy’s scooters following the release of the film back in 1979
  • A total of some of four customised Vespa GS/Rally scooters had been made for use in the film – built by Ron Pymm of Stirling Scooters in London. These were to be used in various scenes including of course the climatic cliff top crash at the end of the film. The two scooters used in this scene were obviously destroyed on the rocks below.
  • It is still believed that there is one other of these scooters still in existence today owned by a Jim Baxter in Scotland, though badly damaged and in poor condition. Believed to be in bits requiring welding, major repair, rebuilding and re-spraying. This partly remaining scooter has no accessories or wing mirrors at all was offered to David Wyburn at a cost of some £10k for spare parts.. This scooter had in fact been badly crashed and smashed up during filming.
  • The Ace Face scooter seen here on display is the highly prized and acclaimed one used and ridden throughout the film by both Ace Face and Jimmy, was the one stolen by Jimmy from outside the Grand Hotel, Brighton… being the workplace of Ace Face as a bell-boy for the hotel…much to Jimmy’s displeasure.


Jimmy’s (Phil Daniels) Lambretta Scooter

A Quadrophenia Bike
  • The scooter seen here on display has been entirely rebuilt and restored… being a 100% accurate replica of one of the two used and ridden throughout the film. This, with additional extras on her from the original scooters used … acquired from Allstyles Scooters.
  • For those of you who have seen this great British film you will no doubt recall and remember that Jimmy’s scooter was in fact crushed and written off by a Post Office van in the film. (remember Jimmy’s heartfelt plea- “You killed my scooter”)
  • The original seta from Jimmy’s scooter is also here on display.
  • Jimmy’s lambretta scooter used throughout the film was in fact hires from one of the film extras for the sum of £300 per week (a lot of money back then!!).


Other Quadrophenia exhibits on display include:

  • A superb array of authentic autographed photographs, film still, posters and memorabilia signed by the star cast of the film
  • Original film script, signed by it’s director Franc Roddam
  • Parkas and clothing as worn in the film.
  • Jimmy’s key ring (RAC) as used when stealing Ace Face’s scooter.
  • Rare, signed Quadrophenia albums
  • And many more items of interest.

Andy on a Quadrophenia Bike
Andy Jones (Curator & Jailer!) sitting on Sting's Vespa GS/Rally scooter used in Quadrophenia.